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Chandler Burning Index

CBI = (((110 - 1.373*RH) - 0.54 * (10.20 - T)) * (124 * 10**(-0.0142*RH)))/60

The Chandler Burning Index (CBI) is a fire danger severity value that is calculated from the air temperature and the relative humididty. This numerical value is then indexed to relative severity adjectives. The input values for this calculation are taken from the local weather conditions every twenty seconds (there is no adjustment for fuel moisture) and these can and do change throughout the day. The current CBI presented here differs from that of the National Weather Service which computes a 30-day Chandler Burning Index based on forecasted weather conditions for the month.

These values represent risk calculations, not actual conditions and reflect local conditions only. As such, they should be used for guidance only!

Other factors relating to the overall risk picture are:
These are calculated hourly.
Fire Weather Index Daily Severity Rating Fine Fuel Moisture Content Initial Spread Index
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These are calculated daily at 2:00 PM local time.
Duff Moisture Drought Indicator Buildup Index
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